WILDZ XL Music has a way of Life "Wildz Life"

Updated: Jul 16

WILDZ XL is helping save wildlife with their rocking genre-blending music and music themed clothing

WILDZ XL is a talented and inspiring music crew who creates wildlife-related Afrobeats, Afro-trap, Afro-Soul, Rap, Trap and Drill music, in partnership with their producer and writer Havitt Shah aka Hav-it. Together they make unique music, which not only represents the wildlife but also helps in protecting it from the atrocities of the man. They also own a wildlife-inspired clothing brand, and for every sale they make, a part of the proceeds goes towards the cause of preserving our precious wildlife.

WILDZ XL and Hav-it have recently released their full-fledged album “Wildz Life” featuring 10 distinct songs, that give a positive message to save and preserve our wildlife, in the most effective and entertaining way. WILDZ XL’s smooth vocal delivery, accompanied by Hav-it’s impeccable songwriting skills and the magical concoction of various instruments and sounds, make each track stand out, captivating the listener to the very last beat. For many of the songs, they have collaborated with other talented rappers/singers/songwriters.

Hav-it, a London based producer introduced WILDZ XL to the music scene, following their common passion for wildlife, music, and clothing. “I believe that music is a way of life and animals deserve a way of living. We are giving a voice to the wildlife with our music”, states Hav-it.

Talking about their musical project based around protecting wildlife, the spokesperson of WILDZ XL mentions, “We have always loved music, and animals so we looked for a way to combine them both so that we can not only follow our passion for music but add a meaningful purpose to it, of saving our wildlife. People are destroying the natural habitat of animals and it needs to be stopped!”

With peace, harmony, and respect in mind, WILDZ XL is creating meaningful, thought-provoking music that is also foot-tapping, and groovy. The fusion of catchy lyrics and heart-thumping beats makes it quite appealing to the listeners.

Their clothing brand “WILDZ XL streetwear” offers casual and stylish clothing for men and women, printed and embroidered with animal-inspired designs. All clothing is made with organic cotton which is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. They are donating 10% of proceeds from clothing sales and 25% of their music sales to help preserve Wildlife, with plans to increase donations via wildlife clothing sales in the future. WILDZ XL are the best wildlife themed clothing brand to hit the jungles of the UK.

They have also released another single “You make me sick” on May 2nd, a drill track aimed at people who represent or conduct animal cruelty. WILDZ XL has pushed their boundaries a little, for one of their upcoming singles “Gym Beast” releasing on May 25th, which is a motivational song for fitness and workout.

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Written By- Grace Williams

Company: WILDZ XL

Contact Name:Havitt Shah


Tel- +447446245995

Country: UK