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Wildz Time 

Bringing the sound to the Jungle

It’s that time it’s Wildz Time, the right time to open your ears and listen to the original sounds of Afro-beats! With amazing Artists from around the world, it’s that time! Wildlife is the wonder of the world and requires us to maintain it! That's right it’s wildlife time! And should always be, they don’t need us, yet we need them! The Eco-system is a part of mother nature and cycles our existence, provides life and takes life.. With this all in mind and heart it’s time to do something about it… 


Wildz Time is a storyline expressing the

- birth of animal babies, beautiful and playful animal babies that need their mum’s love and their life, “Animal Babies” sung by award winning artist Nana (Kenya, Africa)

  • Be comfortable in your own skin, your own stripes, be yourself and protect yourself all being present, “I wear my own stripes” sung by Gulsah Brett  (Turkey)

  • The biggest, the braves, the dangerous, the beautiful and Magnificent Animals of the Savannas “The Big Five” sung by S.O.N (Nigeria, Africa)

  • When desperate times are around the corner its’s Wildz Time, when the journey of greener pastures is the only way to survive, the dangers faced, “Zebra crossing of the wildz” sung by award winning artist Nana (Kenya, Africa)

  • When the future looks bleak, efforts are being made, what is around the corner, what can we do, it’s time to change the course for a better future, “Future of the wildz” sung by Gulsah Brett (Turkey)

  • In only times hard to imagine this world could not be full, where the planet could not be saved, bringing us to the brink of extinction, “Endangered Species” sung by May OnMars (Zimbabwe, Africa)

  • The life drawing to do wrong, with poachers in the jungles, concrete or green, living that life that everyday could be your last, “In an di jungles” Rapper - Still Hustle (UK) & sung by Gulsah Brett (Turkey)

  • To protect, that time to love and safeguard your love in this aggressive and dangerous life, “Shadow of a Lion”

  • Love between life, the future of love, creating more life and being together, “Simba Love” sung by award winning artists - Nana & Karrey (Kenya, Africa)

  • The love for all the lionesses out there in the wild, weather Large or small, medium or long legged, “Wildz Love” sung by Francis (Nigeria, Africa)

  • With a life full of love, different species, own kind, all animals where looks can be different, but blood comes out red, “Best of both worlds” sung by S.O.N (Nigeria, Africa)

  • The powers and strengths, the vast amounts of species, all making there mark, “It’s a species thing” sung by Lloyd Soul (Zimbabwe, Africa) 

  • It’s the right time to go green, to save this planet, alter this existence and to change the failure of human life, we are one race, “Go Green” rapper - Justin McGee (Michigan, USA)

  • Where do we go! When personalities match and life can be transferred, animals to animals do we really die, “Reincarnation” sung by Francis (Nigeria, Africa), rapper - Arunl0h (Germany)

  • Where life is so beautiful, the words, the people, the nature, the lands, when a world in one continent becomes one! “Mama Africa on the Map” rapper - Still Hustle (UK), Outsider (Morroco, North Africa), Rappers - New Mburu & Nzau (Kenya, East Africa), sung by Lucrushmere (South Africa)


The story of love, danger, survival of the fitness, who can save them from extinction, that’s in the hands of the us human race, the fast species in this life. We are all one race we are of mother nature.

Master engineer -The Sound explorer studio

Producer/ sound engineer/ songwriter -Hav-it (Havitt Shah)

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